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In all places on this observable universe we discover that there’s a system. The mighty Himalayas comply with a specific system. The wee bit of fabric expression additionally follows a specific system. In all places there’s a system, there may be an order. Nothing might be performed in a disordered method.

The smallest article that may be seen by the human mind, if not by human eyes, is the atom. And within the atom additionally there’s a explicit system, the atomic system, and the centre, that’s, the nucleus, has electrons transferring spherical that nucleus. That is the atomic system. These techniques are known as cakras in Sanskrit. So for this atomic system the Sanskrit identify needs to be pa’rama’n’avik cakra.

The identical system is adopted by the earth additionally. Right here on this ethereal system we see that within the center is the earth, and the moon is transferring round that nucleus. It’s the similar system. This one could also be known as pa’rthiva cakra. That one pa’rama’n’avik cakra, this one pa’rthiva cakra.

Now the following larger cakra or larger system is the photo voltaic system, and that’s: the solar is the nucleus, and so many planets are transferring spherical that solar. The identical system.

And the most important cakra, the most important system, is Brahma Cakra, the Cosmological system. In that Cosmological system, the nucleus is Purus’ottama. The hub of that Cosmic [[wheel]] is Purus’ottama, and so many jiivas [unit beings] are transferring round that Purus’ottama. The identical system. So this Cosmological system, or this Cosmological order, is known as Brahma Cakra in Sanskrit.

Now on this cakra or in these cakras two forces are working: one is the eccentric power and the opposite is the concentric power. For this eccentric power, or centrifugal power, the Sanskrit time period is Avidya’ma’ya’ or avidya’ shakti; and the concentric power, or centripetal power, is known as Vidya’ma’ya’ or vidya’ shakti in Sanskrit. Each are Ma’ya’. Each concentric and eccentric, vidya’ and avidya’, are expressions of the identical Ma’ya’, the identical Inventive Precept. And that Nucleus is the lord of that Inventive Precept, is the sva’mii of that Inventive Precept.

Now this avidya’ shakti, or Avidya’ma’ya’, centrifugal power, has received a two-fold expression, two totally different expressions. One is known as viks’epa shakti and the opposite is known as a’varan’ii shakti. Avidya’ma’ya’ has received two expressions. And jiivas are transferring round this Nucleus Purus’ottama with the assistance of those two forces (“two forces” means Vidya’ma’ya’ and Avidya’ma’ya’), and when a steadiness is there, a steadiness between Vidya’ma’ya’ and Avidya’ma’ya’, the radius of that jiiva’s circle, the circle of that exact jiiva, will neither enhance nor lower.

Now, the primary portion of avidya’ shakti is known as viks’epa shakti in Sanskrit. Viks’epa means a repulsive power, the power repelling the jiiva from its Nucleus. That’s, a jiiva is darted away, is drifted away, from its Nucleus by* propensities, by depraving concepts, by depraving propensities. So these depraving concepts or depraving propensities are what is known as viks’epa shakti. Clear? The jiiva is darted away from Purus’ottama by mundane propensities.

* An adjective right here was inaudible on the tape. -Eds.

And the second expression of avidya’ shakti is a’varan’ii shakti. In Sanskrit a’varan’a method “to cowl”. This shakti [force] is rather like a black curtain in between Parama’tma’ and jiiva. And due to {that a}’varan’ii shakti, that darkish curtain of a’varan’ii shakti, that sombre curtain of a’varan’ii shakti, jiivas can’t see the Lord. Jiivas suppose that “No matter we’re doing, no one sees, no one can see” — “I’m doing all the things secretly, no one will see me.” The situation of a jiiva committing pa’pa [sin] secretly is rather like that of a rabbit when adopted by a hunter. It’s mentioned that when a rabbit, a hare, is adopted by a hunter, it shuts its eyes with the assistance of its ears. And it thinks that “As I’m not seeing the hunter, the hunter can also be not seeing me.” And such is the situation of the jiiva below the affect of this a’varan’ii shakti. As a result of viks’epa shakti it strikes away from its Lord, and as a consequence of a’varan’ii shakti it can’t see its Lord.

P.R.SARKAR -9 December 1964, Salem


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