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Aryan Invasion Of India – Aryan Dravidian Historical past
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To Start with… in historical occasions, the Indian Subcontinent was a part of the now African Continent.
And it is usually believed that the African in addition to Indian subcontinent was inhabited by the early Human ancestors.
However with the motion of the Earth’s Tectonic plates, the Indian Subcontinent broke off from the African mainland and started to maneuver in the direction of the North, until it hit the Asian mainland.
And with this, the unique inhabitants who had been darkish pores and skin individuals much like the unique Africans, continued to remain on this land.

The Arrival of Aryans.
Now the Students and Historians inform us that round 3000 years earlier than Christ, a race of Truthful skinned individuals often known as the “Aryans”, migrated from the Center East towards Indian Subcontinent. And as they entered the Indian Subcontinent, they fought with the unique Darkish skinned individuals and pushed them in the direction of the Southern and Japanese area of the Indian Subcontinent.

Who had been the Aryans ?
In response to Jewish-Christian sources, the Aryans are the descendants of the upper people whose ancestors are Adam and Eve.
In response to Jewish-Christian sources, God created three dimensions of the World.
* 1st is the Higher World; which is often known as the Paradise.
* 2nd is the Center World; which is often known as the Earth.
* third is the Decrease World; which is often known as the “world of the useless”.

It additionally tells us that the autumn of ‘Adam and Eve’ from the Paradise to the Earth, passed off round 5000 years earlier than Christ.
And the descendants of those individuals had been Truthful skinned, Clever, Wealthy and had information of God and his Angels whom in addition they known as as ‘gods’.

The traditional sources additionally tells us that the unique language of those individuals was “Aramaic”. However God multiplied their languages round 3000 years earlier than Christ after they lived within the plains round Persia. And at this level, one group of individuals migrated towards the Indian Subcontinent.

Etymology of the Phrase ‘Aryan’.
In historical Aramaic language, the Lion is thought by the identify “Arya”. And in Persia, “Aryan” additionally means ‘Warrior like Lion’. Therefore, it’s believed that “Aryans” means “Warriors”.
The traditional guide of “Rig Veda” mentions that their ‘god’ ‘Indra’ is a ‘Warrior god’ and that they the ‘Vedic individuals’ had been Warriors combating towards the darkish skinned individuals whom they known as “Dasus”.
In Sanskrit, the ‘Folks of Vedas’ means the ‘Folks of Data’. They usually thought-about the unique ‘Tribal Folks’ because the ‘Folks of Darkness’ and ‘Untouchable’.

Faith of Aryans
These ‘Vedic Folks’ known as the ‘Angel of the Solar’ as ‘Solar god’ or ‘Surya deva’. And the ‘Angel of the Wind’ as ‘Wind god’ or Vayu. There’s a shut equally between the traditional European languages and Sanskrit. And there may be additionally an in depth equally between the gods of Vedic Faith and the gods of historical Persia, Greek, Roman and Egyptian Religions.
The Aryan god of storm – ‘Shiva’ could be very a lot much like historical Greek-Roman ‘god of storm’ – Posidium.
The Aryan god of Conflict – Indra could be very a lot much like the traditional Greek-Roman ‘god of Conflict’ – Zeus.
Equally the Aryan “cow goddess” – Kamadhenu could be very a lot much like the traditional Egyptian ‘cow goddess’ – Hator.
All these information factors out to the idea that the traditional ‘Indian Aryans’ had their frequent origin with the traditional ‘Persians’, ‘Greeks’, ‘Romans’, and ‘Egyptians’.

All these had been the ‘Folks in Energy’, ‘Folks of Data’, ‘Folks of Enterprise’ and ‘Folks with Wealth’.
Whereas the unique historical Tribal individuals of Indian Subcontinent had been unintelligent, poor, lived as Topics and and labored as labourers.
That is additionally seen even at present in India.

The Majority Wealthy Persons are the Truthful skinned individuals.
The Majority Folks in Energy are the Truthful skinned individuals.
The Majority Folks as Businessmen are the Truthful skinned individuals
The Majority extremely Educated Individuals are the Truthful skinned individuals.

The idea of Aryans and Dravidians remains to be prevalent within the Subcontinent. What’s the fact about it? And will it have a deeper significance than we would suppose? A a lot politicised difficulty, we study what the information are, and what the deeper esoteric significance could possibly be. This can be a matter that persists within the Indian psyche and calls for a correct dialogue and appreciation.

Printed on December 5, 2018
Historical past Origin of Hinduism Dravidian Tamil Andaman and Nicobar Sentinelese Adivasi African Tribesmen Harappa and Mohanjodaro civilization.
The dying of an American missionary on a distant Indian island has solid a uncommon highlight on the Sentinelese tribes. #Aryans #Dravidians #NorthSentinel #Sentinelese #tribe #Hinduism #Science #that means #om


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