Thalaivii review – Best performance by Kangana!

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Thalaivii review– I am very glad today that I am writing the review of Thalavi, one of my favorite films. I am not into politics very much, but what I liked about the movie was its clarity and simplicity. The movie is not at all overrated, and National award winner Kangna Ranaut plays the character of Thalaivii.

I can surely say that no other actress can play this role better than her. She was just brilliant in her role. The way she portrays the character of Thalavi ( Jai Lalita) is incredible. I read the Thalaivii review first prior I watched that film. Because I wanted to know more details about the film. Let’s get to know about the film a bit more,

Thalaivii review – About the film

The film is purely based on the life of Jayalalithaa, an actor turned politician. This role was played by Kangana Ranawat. She was in a relationship with the legendary M.G Ramachandran (Arvind Swami). Jayalalithaa was the former Chief Minister of Tamil Nadu. The film director Vijay tried to depict and everything in the film very clearly. A woman’s fight against her self-respect. How she is passionately driven by love. Thalaivii review matters a lot for all those viewers who want to watch a good film.

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Thalaivii review

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The second half of the movie

Thalaivii review, In the second half, the movie turns 360 degrees, and Kangana justifies her role, which others could not make it. She depicts a powerful portray on screen. The entire script was quite determining. Overall, Kangana Aka Jaya was outstanding.

Moreover, you can watch the film along with your family. Best performance of Kangana.

In IMDb, you can build your own private watch list. These will contain shows and movies in that you are interested. You can make titles of every watchlist in IMDb. For people who have not watched the movie yet, check this Thalaivii review enjoy the movie thoroughly. I can surely say that you and your family will love this movie and give love wholeheartedly.

Frequently asked questions:

When was Thalaivii released?

The movie was released this year only in 2021.

Who is the main actress in this film?

Kangana Ranwat played the lead role.

Is it available on IMDb?

Yes, you will get the movie on IMDb.

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