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Tamil Hindu Wedding_Sutharsan & Maheshini


A Sri Lankan Tamil Hindu Marriage ceremony movie by 07944600448

The standard of Hindu weddings are based mostly on sacred scriptures, Veda, which date again a minimum of 4000 years. By the marriage union, the couple prepares to fulfil their bodily, psychological, emotional, religious and social objectives of righteousness, acquisition of wealth, fulfilment of needs and the salvation of the soul.

The rituals of the Hindu wedding ceremony spotlight the interdependence and the complementary nature of husband and spouse relationship.

Ardhanareeswara- the half female and male illustration of the almighty Shiva and his consort Shakthi – emphasises the perfect husband and spouse relationship in Hinduism.

The wedding, generally known as kalyanam, is carried out on an auspiciously adorned wedding ceremony platform, known as the manavarai with the individuals across the kalasam- a brass or silver pot (human physique)- stuffed with holy water, topped with coconut (head), surrounded by 5 mango leaves (senses) and positioned on a plantain leaf coved with uncooked rice or paddy. This poorana kumbam signifies self realization- the management of the physique thoughts and the senses.

Honored as Shiva and Shakthi, the bride and groom sit elevated in an area whereas the priest sanctifies for divine solemnisation.

(1) Maapillai Allaippu — Welcoming the groom & his Household

Aarathi – Flame Safety Ritual

(2) vickneswara Pooja — Spiritual Ritual

(3) Bride’s Entrance

(4) Homam — Sacred fireplace

(5) Kannika Dhananam — Providing the Bride

(6) Blessing of Koorai Saree & Thali

(7) Return of the Bride

(8) Mangalya Dharanam — The Thali Ceremony

(9) Virunthupasaram — The Marriage ceremony Feast


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