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Tales of Lord Shiva 🔱- Animated Bedtime Tales in English for Youngsters -Unique Epic Assortment


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Bhasmasura an evil highly effective however silly Asura was a really robust King. However he needed to turn out to be extra highly effective with a brief path to success. Sage Narada appeared earlier than him and planted the thought of performing a penance to Lord Shiva and ask for his boon to turn out to be highly effective in return. Watch this epic mythological story by MagicBox Animation about how Bhasmasura appeased Lord Shiva and what transpired thence. Watch this enjoyable story and be taught from the parable.

Markandeya was born as a boon from Lord Shiva for the austere penance of Sage Mrikandu and his spouse Marudavati. A religious of Lord Shiva, Markandeya was an achieved sage as a toddler and was liked by all. Decreed by Lord Shiva with solely 16 years in his lifespan, watch the particular story by MagicBox Animation as Markandeya units about to appease Lord Shiva and ask for his life to be prolonged as a blessing. Watch the story and discover out what occurred additional.

Divine that Lord Ganesha is, his delivery has an much more mysterious story. Fantasy has it that Goddess Parvati had created Lord Ganesha, a traditional boy, to be her royal bodyguard. One tremendous day when his mom was cleaning herself, Lord Shiva wished to go to her. A flip of occasions causes Lord Shiva to chop off Ganesha’s head. Now watch this fascinating video by MagicBox Animation to grasp the explanation behind Lord Ganesha’s delivery and his elephant head too.

Ravana the Evil Asura King was an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva and paid his obeisance to him duly with out fail. Needing to achieve the Aathmalinga, the reflection of Lord Shiva, Ravana meditated to appease Lord Shiva. Happy, Lord Shiva granted him the Aathmalinga warning him that putting it down would affix it to the bottom. This fearful the Devas because the Aathmalinga would empower Lanka and make Ravana an undefeatable energy. Watch this Epic Story retold within the video by MagicBox Animation to see how Ganesha performed a pivotal function and saved all the world from Ravana’s evil plan.

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