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Sumerian gods and the corresponding Hindu gods


Sumer is the earliest recognized civilization within the historic area of southern Mesopotamia. En/An means God or heaven and Ki means Earth in Sumerian language. Enki was the God of Sumerian. En/An was semitic sky god and Ki (earth) was the Ubaidians Goddess. Most distinguished Mesopotamian God Enlil was sturdy wind god unfold to ambiance and entire sky. Inanna was essential goddess of Uruk, represented each amle and feminine features. She was highly effective yagna goddess–Yagneya Indra.

Sumerians have been earlier Ubaidians, worshipped Naga/serpent Gods and emulated Naga faces of their clay collectible figurines. Yagneya Indra (Inanna) changed Saraswati (Abzu attributed Enki) and Sumerian civilization established.

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