Unusual Similarities Between Hindu and Greek Mythology(Gods)



Greek and Indian Mythology are two of the oldest mythologies recognized to man. Though each of those mythologies haven’t established reference to one another, but they share some putting similarities.

Listed below are some fascinating issues that you can find frequent in each these mythologies in our video:-

1)Indra – Zeus

2)Karna – Achiles

3)Shiva,Vishnu&Bramha – Zeus,Hades&Poseidon

4)Saraswathi,Laxmi,Parvati&Kali – God of Knowledge,God of All the things,God of Magnificence&God of Conflict

5)Narada – Hermes

6)Yamadharmaraju – Hades

7)Sampathi Jatayu – Icarus Deadulus

8)Kama(Manmadhudu) – Cupid

9)Vishwakarma – Hepathesus

10)Krishna – Heracles

11)Shanideva – Cronus

12)Karthikeya – Ares

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