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1 Rishi Ashtavakra is among the famend Vedic sages in Hinduism. Acharya Aruni was his maternal grandfather, additionally his mother and father have been each Vedic college students at Acharya Aruni’s faculty.

2 His father was a famed scholar and sage, who defined the meanings of varied teachings to Ashtavakra when he was nonetheless in his mom’s womb.

three Rishi Ashtavakra had studied and bought mastery in all of the essential Vedic disciplines within the deadly stage.

four As soon as, whereas transmitting such teachings, his father made a mistake, which was indicated by the unborn toddler. The daddy was agitated by the interruption and cursed the kid to be born with a crippled physique.

5 Rishi Ashtavakra’s title displays the eight bodily deformities he was born with. The literal that means of Ashtavakra eight bends.

6 Rishi Ashtavakra quickly grew to become a revered sage in addition to a celebrated character within the epic tales and Puranas.

7 Ashtavakra Mahakavya is an epic poem that presents the narrative of the Rishi Ashtavakra which is discovered within the Hindu scriptures.

eight Astavakra Samhita or Asthavakra Gita was authored by Rishi Ashtavakra, which contains 20 chapters, that included dialogues exchanged between Maharaja Janak and Rishi Ashtavakra.

9 Ashtavakra Gita was born out of the religious dialog that ends in the self-realisation of the enlightened king of Mithila.

10 So this was the story of an unimaginable Guru who had a crippled physique. Ensure you prefer it and share it with your pals.

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