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Sri Mahalakshmi Sahasranamam (Full) – Prema Rangarajan


Sri Mahalakshmi Sahasranamam –
Lakshmi is the Hindu goddess of wealth, fortune, and prosperity (each materials and religious). She is the spouse and energetic vitality of Lord Vishnu. Her 4 fingers symbolize the 4 targets of human life thought of necessary to the Hindu lifestyle – dharma, kama, artha, and moksha.
Sahasranama is a Sanskrit time period which implies “a thousand names”. Additionally it is a style of stotra literature, normally discovered as a title of the textual content named after a deity, comparable to Vishnu Sahasranama, whereby the deity is remembered by 1,000 names, attributes or epithets.

Sri Lakshmi Sahasranama stotra is from the Skanda Purana the place it’s being documented as being taught by Sage Sanath Kumara to a set of 12 sages. Right here, it additionally states that Goddess Lakshmi states that even when this stotra is chanted with out perception, she would keep for ever of their clan.
One other Maha Lakshmi Sahasranamam happens in Brahma Purana within the chapter of description of Kashmir within the chapter on Hiranya Garbha Hrudaya.

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