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Sree Durga # Hindu Devotional Songs Malayalam 2016 # ശ്രീ ദുർഗ്ഗ # Newest Devi Songs Malayalam 2016


ഇന്ന് ദുര്‍ഗ്ഗാഷ്ടമി.നവരാത്രിക്കാലത്ത് ദുര്‍ഗ്ഗക്കായി സമര്‍പ്പിതമായ ദിവസം. സകലതും പരാശക്തിക്കുമുമ്പില്‍ കാണിക്ക വെക്കുന്ന ദിനമാണിന്ന്.
Album : ശ്രീ ദുർഗ്ഗ || Sree Durga
Devi is the Sanskrit root-word of Divine its associated masculine time period is Deva.Devi is synonymous with Shakti, the feminine facet of the divine as conceptualized by the Shakta custom of Hinduism. She is the feminine counterpart with out whom the male facet which represents consciousness or discrimination stays impotent and void. Goddess worship is an integral a part of Hinduism

Bhadrakali is the favored type of Devi worshipped in Kerala as Sri Bhadrakali and Kariam Kali Murti Devi. In Kerala she is seen because the auspicious and lucky type of Kali who protects the great. She is represented with three eyes, and 4, twelve or eighteen palms.

The Chottanikkara (correction of Jyotiannakkara) Temple (Malayalam: ചോറ്റാനിക്കര ക്ഷേത്രം) is a well-known temple of the Hindu mom goddess Bhagawati. The temple is situated close to Ernakulam within the southern Indian state of Kerala and is likely one of the hottest temples within the state and when it comes to temple structure, this temple stands out to be an final testmonial for the traditional vishwakarma sthapathis (picket sculpture) in sculpting this temple together with Sabarimala. Bhagawati is likely one of the hottest deities within the space, Chottanikkara Devi is worshipped on the temple, in three completely different kinds: as Saraswati within the morning, draped in white; as Lakshmi at midday, draped in crimson; and as Durga within the night, decked in blue. Lord Shiva can be worshiped on the temple. Individuals affected by psychological diseases generally go to the temple, as Bhagawati is assumed to treatment her devotees. One mustn’t miss the ‘Guruthi Pooja’ within the ‘Keezhkkaavu’ temple at Chottanikkara. This can be a ritual carried out at late night to invoke the goddess. Earlier ‘Guruthi Pooja’ was carried out solely on Fridays. However these days, it’s carried out day-after-day.

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