Sounds of the Solar- NASA Recorded the Sacred Hindu Om Sound from Solar- March 2011


NASA Recorded the Sacred Hindu Om Sound from Solar’s Environment by their Info Evaluation Crew Report, saying:

“The sound of the solar was thought of by most historic religions as essentially the most sacred sound of the universe. It’s a sound that can not be heard by the human ear, as a result of the human ear solely hears between 20-20,000 Hertz. The sound of the solar is way decrease in frequency and in addition a lot increased in frequency than we are able to hear. Might the sound of the solar be a part of the common language system? NASA has recorded the precise sound of the solar in deep area and compressed the inaudible waves in order that human ears can hear it. If we hearken to this sound, we are able to hear and really feel a deep vibration. The sound of the solar recorded by NASA is exactly as the traditional Hindus had described it within the Vedas hundreds of years in the past. It’s a mantra that may be intoned with human speech as “OM.”

“Aum or Om is taken into account to be the primordial sound of creation and it’s thought that every one language emanates from this preliminary sound vibration. All Sanskri mantras (sacred sound prayers) in India start with Om, and a meditating yogi could attest to the facility of Om in even a brief matter of time. Chanting Om is claimed to activate the whole nervous system, all of our chakras, in addition to our delicate and bodily our bodies. After a while of working with Om, it’s fairly widespread to ‘hear’ Om throughout us–in nature, in inanimate objects, in folks after they converse.”


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