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SHRI GANESH SAHASRANAAM | 1008 NAMES OF LORD GANESHA | बाधाओं को दूर करने के लिए शक्तिशाली STOTRAM


Ganesha Sahasranama (Sanskrit:गणेश सहस्रनाम; ganesa sahasranama) is a litany of the names of Hindu deity Ganesha (Ganesa). A sahasranama is a Hindu hymn of reward during which a deity is referred to by 1,000 ( 1008 ) or extra completely different names. Ganesha Sahasranamas are recited in lots of temples right this moment as a dwelling a part of Ganesha devotion.
There are two completely different main variations of the Ganesha Sahasranama, with subvariants of every model.

Ganesha, also called Ganapati and Vinayaka, is likely one of the best-known and most worshipped deities within the Hindu pantheon. His picture is discovered all through India, Sri Lanka and Nepal. Hindu sects worship him no matter affiliations. Devotion to Ganesha is broadly subtle and extends to Jains and Buddhists.

Title – Shri Ganesh Sahasranaam
Singer – Minakshi mazumdar
Lyricist: Conventional
Album – Chic Bhajans Vol. 8
Label: Ariha Audio

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