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There are numerous mythological tales that depict how the gods and sages have been cursed. However are you aware that Gods like Lord Rama and Lord Krishna have been additionally cursed? Verify the record of curses within the historical past of mythology that maintain nice significance.

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1 Curse and boon each stand at principal spots within the Indian mythological tales.

2 Sage Bhrigu cursed Lord Vishnu to be born on earth a number of occasions and endure the pains of worldly life.

Three Parshuram cursed Karna that he would neglect the mantra to make use of the Brahmastra when it was wanted essentially the most.

four Karna was additionally cursed to die within the battlefield unarmed as a result of he killed an harmless cow by mistake.

5 Gandhari cursed Lord Krishna that his bloodline too will finish in a fashion much like the demise of her sons.

6 Krishna had cursed Ashwatthama that he’ll wander in forests for 3,000 years with contemporary wounds and cry for demise.

7 Tara who’s the spouse of Vali cursed Rama that he’ll quickly lose Sita after he regains her.

eight The blind hermit and his spouse cursed King Dasaratha who unintentionally killed their son, Shravan Kumar, that he’ll expertise the identical grief.

9 Sage Gautama cursed his spouse Ahalya that she’s going to flip into stone till Lord Rama releases her.

10 Ravana was cursed by Brahma for exploiting Rambha that his 10 heads will explode if he violates some other girls.

11 Yudhishthira cursed Kunti saying that “no girl shall be capable to conceal her being pregnant any further”

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