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Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism) an Overview


Sanatana Dharma or Hinduism, comprising of assorted philosophies or Vedanta, in the end denotes the identical supply i.e. Brahman. This video is an try to clarify the ocean of our beneficial instructing, and to grasp the attributes and traits of Brahman, as per Advaita Vedanta from a SmArta perspective.

Extract from *THE WONDER THAT WAS INDIA* By AL Basham, Reader in Historical past of India, College of London. 1954.
Web page 309:
Hinduism is actually tolerant,and would reasonably assimilate than rigidly exclude. So the wiser Vaishnavites and Savaites recognised very early that the God whom they worship are totally different facets of the identical Divine being. The Divine is a diamond of innumerable faces; two very giant and shiny faces are Vishnu and Shiva. Some aspects appear larger, brighter, and higher polished than others, however in actual fact the devotee, no matter his sect, worships the entire diamond, which is in actuality good.
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