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Samsara Breakdown


Here’s a digital demo efficiency of a piece for orchestra, accomplished in early 2013. It’s an eight minute piece in a single motion. Samsara is an idea widespread to Hinduism and Buddhism; it’s the realm or cycle of struggling by which all beings within the universe take part and which will be escaped solely via enlightenment. Samsara is presided over by Yama, the wrathful god of demise. Beings are pushed by the three poisons: delusion (ignorance of their true nature, represented by a pig), attachment (want or greed, represented by a chook), and aversion (anger or hatred, represented by a snake).

There are seventeen images used within the video. So far as I can decide most are within the public area and seem in quite a few websites on the web with out attribution. Right here is the record of exceptions, that are used below the indicated Artistic Commons licenses:

Pictures 5 & 6: BY-NC by, web site of Rigpa Shedra — Nepal

Photograph 7: BY-NC-ND 2.5 AU by ccdoh1 (Flickr identify… I can’t decide the precise identify) — Australia

Photograph 8: BY-NC UK by Wllcome Library — England

Photograph 9: BY-NC-SA by Maren Yumi Motamura — Brazil

Photograph 11: Copyright held by Utilized by permission.

If anybody can exhibit {that a} photograph has been used improperly please contact me through my web page ( I will probably be glad to make any needed modifications.


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