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Sadhguru on Karma and Free Will


How a lot of our life is decided by karma, and the way a lot by our free will? Sadhguru explains, whereas the residue of the previous has an affect, the karma of this second is all the time in our fingers.



Questioner: I wish to find out about how a lot of our life is ruled by karma and the way a lot is our free will? You talked about it within the morning but it surely’s like… so many individuals I’ve heard stated all the pieces in your life is ruled by karma and the others, like, we make selections. So how… if we make a selection is… are we creating the karma from our selection?
Sadhguru: Seems to be just like the mor… morning session went over your head. Karma means what? Motion. Whose motion? ‘My motion.’

Questioner: __ (Inaudible)

Sadhguru: No, no, no, who’s motion? ‘My motion.’ Whose accountability? ‘My accountability.’ So if it’s your motion, is it by your will? Sure or no? It’s by your thought, by your emotion and your motion – that is the way you carry out your motion, isn’t it? So karma means, until now no matter you probably did, the residual affect of that’s undoubtedly there upon your life. However this second’s karma is in your fingers. Yesterday’s karma, you can’t change, however this second’s karma is in your fingers. This second karma… this second’s karma ought to… could possibly be a karma of freedom or of bondage. In case you do… when you deal with this second in a sure manner, you’ll be (free?) from all the pieces that was yesterday. If you don’t deal with it that manner, yesterday will rule you immediately; that is additionally your karma, that is additionally your…
See, please don’t perceive karma as some sort of punishment and reward. It’s not like that. It’s simply that all the pieces that you just contact together with your thoughts, together with your emotion, together with your physique, a little bit of it sticks to you; the residual motion is remaining with you. Yesterday no matter you probably did, is it not there in your reminiscence? Is it not there in your reminiscence? Is it not influencing what you do immediately? Yesterday what you thought, is it there in your reminiscence? Is it not influencing your thought and motion immediately? Yesterday what you felt in your feelings, is it not there in your reminiscence? Reminiscence isn’t just physic… I imply psychological reminiscence. Reminiscence is on many alternative ranges; it’s in your physique, it’s in your chemistry, it’s in your vitality, in many alternative back-up techniques are there in your vitality… in your reminiscence.

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