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The cow is sacred to all Hindus, and never solely that, is intrinsic to our tradition. She is an inseperable a part of our tradition.

The cow is taken into account sacred in all sects & sub-sects of Hinduism & Sanatana Dharma. She is talked about so in all our sacred scriptures. She is worshipped as mom, as a result of she goes on nurturing unconditionally. Kamdhenu, the holiest cow, is the mom of all animals.

In each ritual, anushthaan or puja, some produce from the cow is used. The pancha gavya are 5 objects procured from a cow – cow milk, cow ghee, cow curd, cow dung, and cow urine.

All 5 are sacred, and utilized in a number of mixtures in all our rituals – from purification of an area to the purification of a deity.

The bhasma utilized in bhasma snaana as per Kamika Agama, given by Mahadeva, is to be ready utilizing solely cow dung. An in depth course of is given for a similar. This liberates human beings and purifies the physique to expertise all points of life.

Charaka Samhita offers quite a few cases of use of cow merchandise for therapeutic illnesses of all kinds.

Within the Upanishads, the disciple Satyakama Jabala is requested by his guru to lift and nurture cows so he may be able to obtain enlightenment, jeevan mukti, itself. It’s the firm of cows that ready him for the best area of residing.

Cow slaughter is out of the query for any Hindu.


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