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RSS Brainwashing Youth for Hindutavi Terrorism, Civil Conflict, Hindu State (HS) | Prof G.S. Dhillon


Professor Gurdarshan Singh Dhillon speaks concerning the terrorist group Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) who’s brainwashing kids for hindutavi terrorism and getting ready for civil battle. The RSS is getting ready armies all through India, one case was reported within the 20st January, 2016 Instances of India concern on web page 8. On this report it was revealed that the RSS had ready a military of 15,000, Hindu Swabhiman, an outfit from the outskirts of Delhi to the Uttarakhand border. Dr. Dhillon states that the RSS brainwashes poor kids as younger as eight, by manipulating Hindu teachings and selling the concept of the transmigration of soul and rebirth as a better caste of their subsequent life. These youth will probably be used for suicide assaults towards non secular minorities, Muslims, Sikhs, and Christians. To the RSS Indian PM Modi has drifted from their ideology, which is to kind a purely Hindu State, HS, much like Islamic State, IS. They’ve made it clear that within the Hindu State, no different faith will probably be tolerated. The Indian authorities has turned a blind eye to the coaching, arming, and radical indoctrination of Hindu youth. Dr. Dhillon states that that is very regarding to the Indian minorities, together with Sikh, Muslim, Christian and others. RSS coaching camps are additionally getting ready faux Sikhs which will probably be used to infiltrate the Sikh neighborhood. To kind a completely Hindu state, the RSS goals to realize non secular conversions, via persuasion, intimidation, and if unsuccessful won’t hesitate to resort to violence. Dr. Dhillon states that there’s additionally a caste battle with lower-caste Hindus, Dalits, Shudras, as seen in latest occasions in Hyderabad. It’s important for non secular minorities to stay dedicated to their faith and lifestyle, and never give technique to RSS makes an attempt of distortion and persuasion. For Sikhs, it’s most regarding that the CM of Punjab, Prakash Singh Badal and his Shiromani Akali Dal celebration are fully underneath RSS affect. Dr. Dhillon states that to guard themselves Sikhs should stay dedicated to their faith, however should keep away from violence. He states that if Sikhs resort to violence, Sikhs will probably be charged with varied instances, harassed by police, and imprisoned. The federal government actively discriminates towards Sikhs, for instance after they attempt to protest are attacked by police, lathicharged, and murdered. Sikhs want to guard themselves very strategically, keep away from pointless confrontation and protest peacefully. Sikhs want to know that India shouldn’t be their nation, it’s like their step-mother in regulation, so they should stay conscious. Khalistan is the one resolution.

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Sikh Referendum 2020.
Sikh Sovereignty.
Khalistan Motion.


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