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Spiritual Conversion in India: Violence Towards Hindus


I simply attended a World Hinduism Convention in Goa, India and was shocked on the quantity of atrocities taking place in opposition to Hindus around the globe. The struggle in opposition to spirituality and enlightenment on this Aware Shift time interval is stronger than ever and focusing on Hinduism, as it’s the forefront of aware evolution and all the time has been.

For hundreds of years, Hinduism has existed peacefully and coexisted fantastically alongside numerous communities and different religions. Hinduism actually has no conversion and would by no means assume in that mindset. It’s primarily based within the core ideas of ahimsa (nonviolence) and advaitha (oneness). Hindu way of life is simply working towards elevating the consciousness of the planet and creating a very nonviolent world. An enormous shift has occurred within the nation with the mixing of outdoor religions, who usually are not primarily based on this similar context.

Violence in opposition to Hindus and Hinduism sadly has a protracted and aggressive historical past in India. The Islamic invasion did its finest effort to destroy the traditional Vedic tradition and way of life by means of homicide, rape, and pillaging. As we speak it continues to inflict violence by means of intense conversion practices.

Christianity additionally has a protracted and damaging historical past in India. From St. Thomas to de Gama, many countries have despatched (and proceed to ship) missionaries who’re actually parasites to the genuine tradition and non secular heritage of India.

Hindus in different nations are additionally being exploited and ravaged. In locations like Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, genocides and mass exoduses of Hindus are taking place. Temples are being destroyed, Hindu households attacked in their very own houses, and even being killed for his or her peaceable beliefs.

From what I’ve discovered and seen, a lot of violence and spiritual battle in India and overseas ties again to conversion. The very thought of non secular conversion is innately violent and from the area of duality. It’s violating peoples, an historical tradition, and a rustic itself. Conversion is exploiting the openness and/or vulnerability of Hindus worldwide.

Thanks all to your listening and I hope this atrocities are as unacceptable to you as they’re to me. Whether or not you’re Hindu or not, that is insupportable. That is human rights being violated.

PS. Mockingly, whereas I used to be at this convention in Goa, a number of assaults occurred at a few of Swamiji’s different ashrams in India. The swamis (monks) have been brutally attacked and the properties destroyed. It’s heartbreaking and sickening to see how actual this anti-Hindu hatred is. See right here:

Swamiji speaks on “my god is bigger than your god” AMAZING VIDEO

Professional Rajiv Malhotra on Hinduphobia

One story of Hindu murdered in Bangladesh:

Hindu Converts vs Muslim Converts



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