Read all the Tips and Tricks to buy the Best Health Insurance


Buying the best health insurance policy requires a little bit of research before you can shortlist a plan. As all of us have unique needs that we want to address, the insurance market is flooded with plans that cater to the multifarious needs of individuals. Therefore, research and comparisons play a major role in finding the best health insurance policy, so that you are covered for all kinds of medical exigencies.

In this article, we will look at a few tips and tricks to help you choose the best health insurance policy for yourself and your loved ones.

Figure out your Requirements

You must get a policy that caters to your requirements. Factor in parameters such as your age, health condition, rate of inflation, cost of medical care in your area, etc. before you decide to buy your insurance policy. Ideally, you must get a policy that covers you against a diverse set of health needs and comes with riders and additional options to increase your overall health coverage.

Compare Quotes

Once you have figured out your requirement, you should head online to compare health insurance quotes across multiple service providers. However, keep in mind that an insurance plan with the lowest premium isn’t the best option. Check for the extent of coverage, and benefits under the plan. It’s best to pay a little extra in premium if the benefits offered are better compared to other plans falling under the same category.

Hospital Network

The best health insurance policy will have an extensive list of hospitals in its network, with the top-tier hospitals and medical institutes as part of that network. Moreover, you must also check if the hospitals in your immediate vicinity are a part of that network. It’s because, during an emergency situation, you don’t want to waste precious time traveling tens of kilometers to reach the nearest medical facility.

Extent of Coverage

The extent of coverage that your best health insurance policies offer goes beyond just basic medical cover. Check if the policy has any caps on room rents, donor charges, etc. Also, check if it offers coverage for items like consumables, and non-consumables. Moreover, it’s important to check if there are any co-payments, or deductibles involved to save on any shocks later. This varies across medical insurance service providers, so do check what’s covered and what’s not. It’s best to avoid policies that put a cap on room rent, cost of surgery, etc. as that limits your ability to get the best possible treatment and modern procedures currently available.

Co-Payments and Deductibles

As mentioned in the point above, see if the policy wants you to commit to any co-payment or deductible requirements. While a deductible will lower your premiums, as your policy will only activate once a particular sum has been reached; a co-payment would require you to bear a certain percentage of the overall bill, and is not generally recommended. Buy a policy that doesn’t come with such commitments on your part.

Settlement Ratio

The settlement ratio of an insurance service provider is one of the most important factors to look out for in a health insurance policy. The best health insurance policy service providers have an impeccable record when it comes to their settlement ratios. The higher the percentage of settlement ratio, the more likely you are to get your claims honored on time.

This would be crucial whenactual hospitalization is required, and you file a claim. Time is of the essence in an emergency, and the longer it takes to get approval, the more time is wasted in getting proper treatment. So, consider the settlement ratio of the insurance service provider as one of the highest priorities when comparing policies.

The best health insurance policy should offer you extensive coverage for medical treatment across the entire country. Always read the fine lines and ask questions that matter to you before you decide to buy a policy. Max life insurance is one of the leading insurance service providers in the country with few of the best health insurance policies in the industry. They have one of the largest networks of hospitals on their roster, with top-tier hospitals and medical institutes being a part of it.

So, in case you are looking forward to buying a health insurance plan, then you should definitely check them out, and get yourself insured as early as possible. It’s the best investment you can make to safeguard your health and protect your savings from being wiped out in case of a medical emergency!

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