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Rajiv Malhotra explains how Hindu Dharma completely different from christianity & islam – Q & A


It is a re-upload of Query & Reply session of Maharshi Rajiv Malhotra’s speak from 2012 in Chicago – with a totally restored, channel-corrected, enhanced audio. This could sound a lot clearer than the unique. Please use pair of audio system or headphones.

Rajiv masterfully responds to a number of the deeply flawed beliefs held by the vast majority of the Hindus in America and elsewhere. He challenges them to recalibrate their minds; to re-examine the false notions they’ve been made to consider by the prevelant concepts of christianity, islam, marxism and Nehruvian secularism and pursue the reality. The questions posed by the individuals go to indicate how a number of the greatest and brightest Indian minds have been brainwashed in to believing we’re all the identical, whereas the notion of sameness is barely geared in the direction of Hindus to desert their historic, extremely scientific perception system and regularly settle for abrahamic religions however not the opposite manner round, underscoring a a lot deeper hypocracy and mischief perpertrated by individuals who colonized India – the Portuguese & British. This Query and Reply session is fascinating and full of huge data!

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