Raj Trakru, "Vedas"- Phrases of Knowledge- A Debate on God or Metaphors # 3


Raj Trakru , Prof Santosh Mangal and Dr B.S Gurjar on a debate GOD or METAPHONR’S 3, (TRUTH OF GOD) beneath VEDAS, “Phrases of Knowledge,

Perception says God lives someplace within the sky, could also be it’s true as we level into the sky to refer his existence, however does he actually stay there within the type of Materialistic physique of Tremendous Pure being, or we merely discuss with the extra clever group who is way forward stage of us and gave our presence a brand new that means on this world. They offered and taught us and thus gave us “VEDAS” The Guide of Information” that might give our life a brand new that means to mature our causes on this world.

These Debates are to share the traditional information with our new technology who would in any other case consider it to be the “Books of MANTRAS” meant just for Pandits on Tantricks.

Change the superstitious approach of believing it, because it shares few linking students who simply in any other case have personal cause’s to share solely to the chosen ones.

However our historic folks gave the information for everybody in order that they might be part of the membership of knowledge and lead a lifetime of prosperity and good well being.
Mysteries have all the time been referred to the tremendous powers to understood by GOD, However can we name it a Gateway or LOGIC to use..

However does it implies that we must always name this a Spiritual ebook of life, I’d say it’s a ebook for HUMAN and never faith. ,

The Panel are accomplished by prime “Vedic Students” from Rajasthan College. They’ve tried to clarify it by means of references from Vedas, Shastras and Puranas.

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Quickly we’re launching “MYSTERIES UNSOLVED” by Raj Trakru.

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