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Ganesh Chaturthi is among the most celebrated festivals in India and Lord Ganesh most cherished God in India and a logo of knowledge, prosperity and success.

On this tutorial, you possibly can be taught to create Lord Ganesha to your competition celebration with quilling papers.
Learn how to make 3D Quilling Doll :
Quilling doll is an incredible quilling artwork the place each one likes and utilizing for story telling and a few one utilizing for Faculty tasks , that is artwork is turning into so fashionable now a days .
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Prime 10 Quilling 3D Doll from my channel :

Quilling 3D Santa Doll :

3D Quilling Santa Doll

Lovely Quilling Doll:

Paper quilling 3D Doll :

Lovely woman 3D quilling Artwork

Quilling 3D Robotic :

quilled 3D Ravana Doll :

Quilling 3D Santa dolls:

Quilling 3D Snow man doll :

Quilling 2D Santa doll :

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