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Pray For Your LOVE and SUCCESS | In entrance of Central World Bangkok


JUNE 2019
TIME : 12:40

The Ganesha Shrine and The Trimurti Shrine are in entrance of Central World Purchasing Mall in Bangkok.
JUNE 2019

The Ganesha is in a type of elephant head and human physique, the Hindu God of accomplishment, knowledge, arts, sciences and wealth, the destroyer of evil and obstacles. Ganesha is properly often known as The Lord of Success. Thais imagine that who pray to the Ganesha for achievement can have their desires fulfilled.

The Trimuti is a gold statue of a human physique with 4 heads, the Hindu God. Trimuti is the legend about love, success and happiness. Thais imagine tha who pray for real love and success and happiness can have their desires fulfilled. Trimuti is properly often known as the God of Love.

I counsel find out how to pray …

Pray at The Ganesha Shrine with 9 incense sticks, 1 candle with recent flower or add extra with milk or fruits.

Pray at The Trimurti Shrine with 9 incense sticks, 1 candle, 9 pink roses or add extra with pink fruits. The right time for pray is on Thursday at 9.30 pm. As a result of we imagine that point the God come right down to the earth.

Pray step-by-step, at first gentle the 9 incense sticks, gentle the candle, shut eyes, kneel in entrance of the Gods, pray and provides flowers to god.

Should you go to go to that space, go to hope for real love and success. Simply attempt.


Music: “Sappheiros – Embrace [Chill]” is below a Inventive Commons license (CC BY 3.0)
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