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Highly effective Lord Murugan (Rudra/Third Eye incarnate) Temples – – Mountainous Terrain


That is an try to supply information on Highly effective well-known Murugan Temples accessible in Kurinji Nilam (Mountainous terrain or vaikaanasam aradhanam).

Highly effective Miraculous “six” abodes and different well-known locations of worship of Lord Shri. Kartikeya/ Senthil Andavar/Saravanan/ Subramanya/Skanda. Contains Kukke, sikkal, kathirkamam (Sri Lanka), Kunrakudi, Kumara Vayalur (Trichy) are included.

Speciality is Bhogar Siddhar aka Lao Tse or Bo-Yang alongside together with his disciples together with Pulipani Siddha visited INDIA and made lovely statue of Palani Hills Temple utilizing 9 toxic herbs aka Nava Paashanam (நவ பாஷாணம்).

Yezidis as you’d remember, the natives of IRAQ too worship Lord Subrahmanya as is the case with many worshipping throughout nations Malaysia, Sri Lanka, Norway (OSLO shiva murugan temple) to call a number of.

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