Philosophy of World Religions: Hinduism


The Philosophy of World Religions is a school course taught by Dr Joel B Hunter at Truckee Meadows Group Faculty. This video is an outline of Hinduism as mentioned within the course textual content, World Religions by Huston Smith, and the first textual content excerpts introduced in The World’s Knowledge by Philip Novak.

Within the first half of the video, Dr Hunter presents the vocabulary of key phrases utilized in Hinduism and that college students might want to know to know and specific the central concepts and practices of the faith.

Within the second half of the video, Dr Hunter presents a number of questions that require a more in-depth studying and prolonged pondering to reply. These are grouped based on the three central parts of the analytical Mannequin introduced in an earlier video devoted to explaining it:

Key phrases to know Hinduism and the assigned readings embrace samsara, moksha, karma, Atman, Brahman, yoga, samadhi, jiva, maya, lila, and others. The first texts from which choices are drawn are the Vedas, the Upanishads, and the Bhagavad Gita.


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