Phallus worship: Hindu girl prays and pours milk over Shiva's lingam


Devotees pay tribute to a Shiv Linga by pouring milk, bestowing betel leaves and providing fruits throughout Maha Shivratri / Mahashivratri pageant in Delhi.

The day Lord Shiva, the Destroyer, is believed to have married his consort Parvati, the mom goddess, Shiaivites or the followers of Lord Shiva have a good time ‘Maha Shivratri’ as an evening of the worship.
In keeping with the Hindu calendar, Maha Shivratri falls on a moonless night time in the course of the month of Phalguna in February.
Throughout the pageant, the devotees of Shiva spend your entire night time in deep meditation. They observe fasts and keep awake to do “Shivling abhishekh” at midnight.
Shiva temples throughout are flocked by devotees, younger and previous, who come to carry out the standard Shivalinga worship and hope for favours from the three-eyed God.
Shivratri is taken into account crucial particularly for ladies. Most married girls hold a quick and pray for the prosperity of their husbands and familes whereas single girls pray within the hope of getting the proper husband.
On the day of Shivratri, a three-tiered platform is constructed round a fireplace. The topmost plank of this platform represents ‘swarga loka’ or heaven, the center one represents ‘antariksha loka’ or area and the one on the backside stands for ‘bhuloka’ or earth.
The salutation to Shiva, ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is chanted all through the night time alongwith different spiritual mantras.
As a part of the rituals, devotees provide betel leaves to Lord Shiva’s idols, make choices of flowers, burn incense and in addition gentle lamps to point out their devotion.
The rituals on Maha Shivratri embrace bathing the Shiv Lings with water, milk, curds, ghee, coconut water and honey. The bel fruit or the wooden apple can be an vital providing made to Lord Shiva.

The dhatura fruit and flower are additionally provided to Lord Shiva and despite the fact that they’re toxic, they’re believed to be a favourite with the god of dying.

At midnight temple bells are rung and the devotees break their quick by partaking of Prasad or meals supposedly blessed by diety. In keeping with rituals, anybody who quick on this night time and provide prayers to Lord Shiva carry good luck into their life.

Maha Shivratri, one of the vital auspicious festivals of Hindus, is widely known throughout India with nice fervor and enthusiasm. It’s believed that anybody who chants the title of Shiva throughout Shivratri with devotion might be liberated from the cycle of delivery and dying and attain nirvana.

Viewer Kumar provides:

1) Atharva Veda Samhita refers to Lingam as “Yupa Stambha”, which means An Countless & Beginingless Column of Pillar. Lingam is only a Image. A Image of Infinity. The pervert invaders of India have interpreted The Summary Image of Brahman as Penis or Phallus.

2) Vedic Literature states Shiva Lingam as Everlasting PIllar of Power. This Total Universe is described as The Everlasting Shiva LIngam.

3) Shiva Purna and Linga Purana refers to “Lingam” as Cosmic Pillar of Fireplace.

4) Vaman Shivram Apte’s Sanskrit Dictionary defines Lingam as:

A mark, signal, token, an emblem, a badge, image, distinguishing mark, attribute
A mark of realism
A symptom, mark of illness
A way of proof, a proof, proof
(In logic) The hetu or center time period in a syllogism Gender (in gram.)
The picture of a god, an idol
One of many relations or indications…which serve to repair the which means of a phrase in any explicit passage
(In Vedānta philosophy) The refined body or physique, the indestructible unique of the gross or seen physique

5) Sanskrit phrase for penis is “Shishna”

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