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Half10 – Significance of Ganesha Driving a Mouse


Half 10 – The Significance of Ganesha Driving a Mouse
Why does Lord Ganapati trip a mouse?
Why did the Lord settle for a demon as His servant?

“The Lord forgets every thing and showers love on you in the identical method as He blesses different devotees.”

September 05, 2005
This video is a part of 12-part playlist of movies on the Divine Discourse given by His Holiness Shri Datta Swami.
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Shri Datta Swami
All rights reserved.

Music Credit:, September fifth, 2018, of
Flute by Kushal Parikh:

Picture Credit:
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Ganesha PNG: License; Artistic Commons,
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Subramanya Lord
Lord Ganesha Shiva Parvati
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Sugarcane page=1&question=sugarcane&place=28
Inexperienced Leafy timber page=1&question=leafy%20greens&place=12
Krishna Preaching Gita, Public Area,


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