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Part1 – Dr. Prakash Rao – Interview about his e book "Reviving Hinduism "


Part1 – Dr. Prakash Rao – Interview about his e book “Reviving Hinduism ” Host – Khushboo Rawley

Over time, Hindus have slowly forgotten the wonderful treasures which are hidden within the land of Bharath. The resilience of Hindu thoughts; suppleness of its soul; suppleness of Hindu character; gracefulness of Hindu cultures; equanimity of Hindu ethical compass; gracefulness of Hindu traditions; the inside energy of Hindu scriptures; sacredness of rivers, mountains, animals and bushes; the genuineness of the easy residing and excessive pondering; the astounding ideas of ahimsa — perception in nonviolence, grandeur of the precept of Vasudaika Kutumbam; the efficiency of non secular life and glory that was and is Bharath; and all-embracing stay and let stay ideas are the gems which are important for the survival of Hinduism and human race itself. The richness of Bharath was clouded by ignorance, her glory seared with communalism, enveloped with the fog of secularism. The Hindu pleasure was tarnished with greed and smeared with Macaulyism. The way forward for Bharath seems to be bleak, miserable and depressing. Bharath Mata is attacked from all quarters. She isn’t even spared by vocal Hindu secularists, liberals and communists. Media has created havoc by denouncing the Hindus, Saints and Hindu organizations and leaders. Beneath each Hindu, there may be the presence of divinity, dharma, spirituality and ahimsa. In some way, he has forsaken the traditional richness and allowed it to be smeared with greed, title, fame, energy, place, wealth and recognition that solely satiate the current not the longer term. Divine intervention can solely reverse the development and malaise. Hinduism is being attacked by chosen Hindus in addition to the 2 Abrahamic religions. Persistence, tolerance and ahimsa made Hinduism a defenseless faith on the earth. It has change into a delicate goal with no retaliation or any plan to guard itself from enemies each inside and with out. Not like different two main religions, Hinduism doesn’t preach for growth, doesn’t consider in terrorism and doesn’t apply misleading strategies to transform individuals; nor do they consider within the growth by means of conversion strategies. Their emphasis is on the event of the person, self-improvement and enlightenment.

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