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Nithyananda reveals a brand new imaginative and prescient for Hinduism


In at the moment’s (25th Might, 2014) morning satsang of Paramahamsa Nithyananda from Varanasi Paramahamsa Nithyananda spoke about data transferring mechanisms and methodologies. He urged all ashrams to begin accumulating books from at the moment for his or her libraries, that are to be Grandha Samadhis through which the books are worshiped with flower choices and incense and camphor aarthi. He then instructed about his imaginative and prescient of the Sarvanja Peetha the place many pundits and swamis sit and reply all questions from the Vedic Scriptures with this service being supplied freed from cost.
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It is rather unlucky that Hindus spend a lot cash on constructing temples, however we do not spend even pennies on constructing libraries, as a result of we do not care about data. That is additionally one cause why we now have turn into weak. The rationale why we now have been weakened is we spend a lot cash on constructing temples. And no group spends a lot cash on constructing temples. Please perceive, no non secular worship centres are so elaborate! Particularly the cash South Indians spend on temples….God! In fact, within the north additionally folks spend on temples, however within the South it’s an excessive amount of. Even everywhere in the world, you must know, solely within the U.S., the Hindu temple-building is a six billion greenback trade! Hindu temple-building is six billion greenback trade, please perceive! For the small inhabitants, lower than one p.c inhabitants in U.S., the amount of cash we spend on temple-building! As a result of it’s our way of life. However, sadly we do not spend on constructing a library. You can be shocked, we now have such massive quantity of temples, however we do not have in a single place the information, even the information out there about all of the temples and all of the providers they’re providing.

It’s our job to construct stunning libraries, and the data transferring methodologies and mechanisms, please perceive, data transferring methodologies and mechanisms. Not solely library, but additionally making the library user-friendly, helpful to folks, the place folks can actually, actually become involved, know extra about it, making it extra visually presenting. Please perceive, human-beings have began studying visually now virtually all studying processes….

I’m launching this venture at the moment formally. Not less than ten-thousand ideas of Hinduism like Beginning, Life, God, Dying, Karma, Listening, Intranalyzing, not less than ten-thousand ideas of Hinduism and the religious masters, non secular leaders, numerous philosophies must be visually offered with examples like a slide present or animated model, and it must be made freely out there within the Web for the entire world to obtain data about Hinduism, and the true Hindu preachers, activists, must be skilled by way of these visible displays, and the individuals who dwell Hinduism authentically must be impressed to dwell it, and the people who find themselves new to Hinduism, we should always introduce Hinduism to them. The people who find themselves new — introducing; people who find themselves dwelling — making extra genuine; people who find themselves dwelling authentically — making them as enrichers, preachers, activists; with this goal we should always develop a visible encyclopaedia of Hinduism. Simply in ten minutes we will fantastically make folks perceive the idea of Karma in a really highly effective, logical, presentable method. Identical method, in ten minutes we will make an individual perceive what Hinduism holds as a secret about Beginning, the idea of Dying, why we make selections the way in which we make, why we dwell the way in which we dwell, what’s Cognition, all these nice instruments of Hinduism could be fantastically offered simply in 5 minutes, ten minutes video clip visually.

It was my imaginative and prescient for a very long time to begin this venture. I do know all my Shrimahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars are alreadynoverloaded, and an excessive amount of is of their plate, however I’m reciting my mission. It’s my accountability. See, Prabhupada, Srila Prabhupada Bhaktivedanta Goswami, when Prabhupada lived, many visions he revealed did not turn into actuality. He mentioned the world’s largest constructing must be a Krishna temple. However now ISKCON is making it as a actuality. They’re constructing a temple which can be seen from the moon! They’re constructing a construction which can be seen from the moon! Please perceive, as on now, solely the Nice Wall of China is seen from the moon. This would be the second constructing seen from the moon. When Prabhupada revealed, they might not make it occur. However as a result of he revealed, not less than now it has turn into actuality. So, I’m revealing it, it’s my job. We must always have a gorgeous, educating, inspiring, informing, visible encyclopaedia of Hinduism


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