By no means Let These Obstacles Cease You from Looking for the Final Fact!


You will encounter these obstacles in your journey to Self-realization. So be vigilant and shield your self! “Persist with the religious path. Don’t swerve. Search the reality wherever it could lead you to, and no matter be the associated fee and sacrifice.” Indian yogi and Self-realized guru Swami Sivananda explains concerning the obstacles which can be dangerous for the religious aspirant. All religious aspirants should watch this. In case you discover this video useful to you, Please Share it and SUBSCRIBE to get newest video updates:

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About Swami Sivananda Saraswati:
Swami Sivananda (1887–1963) was one of many nice Self-realized masters of India. In his life he pursued two careers, that of a profitable doctor and that of a yogi and sage.

Swami Sivananda was a prince amongst males, a jewel amongst saints. Service and love have been the weapons he used to beat the hearts of males. Swami Sivananda didn’t discovered a brand new faith, nor did he develop any new guidelines of ethics and morality. As an alternative, he helped the Hindu grow to be a greater Hindu, the Christian a greater Christian, the Muslim a greater Muslim.

There was an everlasting energy in Swami Sivananda – in his ideas, his phrases and his deeds. He was the divine energy of fact, purity, love and repair.

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‘All About Hinduism’ by Swami Sivananda Saraswati
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‘The harvest is plentiful, however the employees are few’ by Creator.King

About this channel – ‘Supreme Yogi’:
The phrase “Supreme” symbolize the ‘highest Fact’ (our inside Self or God or the Supply of creation) that all of us are looking for, and the phrase “Yogi” means one who attained union with that ‘highest Fact’ by years of religious disciplines and arduous work. Since this channel is all concerning the teachings of such realized yogis, it’s apt to make use of the identify “Supreme Yogi”.

Many of those nice yogis lived in a time and place the place there have been no amenities obtainable to report their teachings aside from in written type. These helpful teachings can solely be present in guide sources and therefore this channel is a humble try and unfold a few of these hidden teachings to fashionable seekers who’re trying to find religious steerage.

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