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A really pious, sacred and highly effective devotional padalgal
The album “Namo Namo Sri Narayana comprises Eight melodious Perumal songs sung by Mahanadhi Shobana in her mellifluous voice. Produced by Distinctive Recording, the album that has been considered over 2.5m occasions, has obtained a lot appreciation and affection from our Subscribers and continues to be accomplished so. Might Lord proceed to bless all our subscribers and viewers.

Right here is the record of songs within the album:

1.Yezhu Malaiyanin (108 Namavali) – ஏழுமலையானின் (108 நாமாவளி )
2.Omkara Isaiyodu – ஓம்கார இசையோடு
3.Hari Mandhiram – ஹரி மந்திரம்
4.Sri Ranga Nathanae (Sri Rangam) – ஸ்ரீ ரங்கநாதனே (ஸ்ரீரங்கம்)
5.Baktha Vatchala – பக்தவெச்சலா
6.Thiruppathi – திருப்பதி
7.Sarva Karanan – சர்வகாரணன்
8.Sri Krishnan – ஸ்ரீ கிருஷ்ணன்

Checklist of High 10 Most Common Songs:

High 10 Murugan Songs
Namo Namo Sri Narayana
Samayapuram Maariyamma
Maruvathur Om Sakthi Om
Maariamman Pambaiudukai
Maariamman Thaluttu
Kadan Nivarthi Thozhil
Sai Darisanam
High 10 Navarathri Songs
108 Siva Namam


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