Muzakra on "Rumi's Philosophy of Love, Knowledge and Mysticism"


Primarily the main target is the research and teachings of Maulana Jalal ud Din Rumi was an exquisite mixture of sharp logic and deep philosophy. After his encounter with Shah Shams Tabraiz, love and mysticism (sufism) changed the logic and philosophy as his topics of curiosity.

Certainly, it goes with out saying that faith is a significant determinant of people and conventional heritage of any neighborhood and nation. Therein, sufis and sufism benefit from the deeply ingrained reverence and excessive degree esteem amongst plenty for encoding the message of faith in native languages utilizing the indigenous similes and native common proverbs and idioms. Although, Maulana Rumi belongs to Iran however he enjoys equal degree of reverence and possession in Pakistan by the advantage of getting an internationally acknowledged standing as Sufi.

Within the mentioned session Dr Najeeb (Joint Secretary of IB and Nationwide Historical past and Literary Heritage) shall illuminate Rumi’s idea about human beings, their perception in unity of existence (wahdat ul wajood), his evaluation of variations between appearances and their core meanings (soorat or muaani), revelation and instinct (wahee or ilhaam), and willpower and free will (jabar or qadar).

In the identical session we will get the possibility to hearken to the recitation of chosen mathnavis of Rumi by Muhammad Saleem Sethi (an ex Federal Secretary EAD). He’ll recite them each in Persian and Urdu. He himself has accomplished the versified translation of mathnavis of Rumi into Urdu. His ebook on versified translation of mathnavis is prepared for publication. Sethi shall additionally give a brief however concise and insightful evaluate of the persona of Rumi.

Dr. Muhammad Najeeb Khan and Muhammad Saleem Sethi shall be the audio system for the mentioned muzakra session. Dr Najeeb principally a MBBS has three grasp levels together with: philosophy, Islamic Research, Neighborhood Well being and Growth to his credit score. His two books are prepared for publication: One on English Arabic Composition about Understanding the Quran; and, second Arabic Grammar composition in English.


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