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Muslim Yoga & its Controversies


Most viewers will probably be stunned to study in regards to the quickly increasing motion amongst Muslims to applicable Yoga. Academics and Islamic specialists are collaborating to change Yoga by eradicating facets seen as Hinduism, and by including hyperlinks with Islam.

On this episode I analyze video clips from Muslim Yoga lecturers in Pakistan, India, Canada and USA.

I survey and touch upon many sorts of Muslim postures towards Yoga, comparable to:

1. Outright rejection of Yoga, seen as shrik, which means it’s banned by Allah.
2. Attitudes of blatant Hinduphobia, even in some Western colleges of Islam.
3. Demand to take away surya-namaskar as a result of it’s seen as idol worship which is banned in Islam.
4. Demand to take away Om as a result of solely Allah’s title may be chanted.
5. Demand to take away all mantras as a result of they relate to “false gods” and infidel practices.
6. Changing silence with chanting Allah’s title.
7. Chanting verses from Qur’an through the observe.
8. Claiming that Yoga was not initially Hindu, however that Hindus hijacked it into their faith.
9. Making an attempt to unite all Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, Islam) in opposition to options in Yoga which can be “not pleasant to Monotheism”, and blaming these options on BJP.
10. Digesting Yoga systematically into Arabic vocabulary and claiming that it maps on to Islamic practices.

My evaluation within the remaining couple of minutes of the episode presents my recommendation to Muslims in addition to to Hindu lecturers.

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