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Most Worshipped Hindu Gods in India 2017 | 330 Million Gods are Worshipped in India | Circle Media


10 Most Worshipped Hindu Gods in India………………………………

330 Million Gods are worshiped in India. Hinduism is main faith within the India. On this video we listed most worshiped gods within the India.

10 Yama: In Hindu shastra Yama is God of dying. Yama temple is positioned Srivanchiyam, Tamilnadu.

9 Indra: God Indra is thought for god of rain and thunder. He’s additionally King of heaven. His main weapon is Vajrayudh.

eight buddha: In Hindu Shastra Buddha is thought one of many avatar of Lord Vishnu.In most of nations, it’s Forth Largest faith within the phrase.

7 Brahma: In Hindu Shastra Brahma is called the Creator. Brahma is grew in Lotus flower. The one temple of Brahma on this planet is at Puskar, Rajasthan.

6 Ganesha: Ganesha is god of prosperity. Any works are began with the identify of Ganesha. He’s the son of Lord Shiva.

5 Hanuman: Hanuman is most worshiped god. He’s Properly often called monkey deity. In Ramayana he’s No. 1 Devotee of Lord Rama.

four Krishna: Lord Krishna was lord of Love and Energy. He’s eighth avatar of Lard Vishnu. He’s the explanation for Mahabharata Battle.

three Rama: Rama is Lord of Braveness. He’s seventh avatar of Lard Vishnu. He killed the Lankasura Ravana.

2 Vishnu: Lord Vishnu is Life preserver. He additionally know as Dashavtaram.

1 Shiva: Lord Shiva is simply Lord Vishnu is Highly effective. He Lives within the Mountain of Kailash.

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