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Moola Mantras of All HIndu Gods | Krishna | Sudarshana | Shiva | Durga | Dakshinamrthy | Mahalakshmi


Moola Mantras of All Gods | Krishna | Sudarshana | Shiva | Durga | Dakshinamrthy | Mahalakshmi

Highly effective Moola Mantras:
00:03 – Sri Krishna Mantra
06:32 – Sri Sudarshana Maha Mantra
10:32 – Sri Shiva Mantra
14:05 – Shakthi Mantra
20:48 – Om Mantra
25:25 – Sri Dakshinamurthy Mantra

Moola mantra is the basis mantra

The advantages of chanting is immense.

Selecting correct time as per your horoscope,will entice the planet or deity to you,and one can profit from it.

Eg. A mantra was given to Devi Kunthi of MahaBharatha, mom of Pandavas, by a Rishi. That mantra had the ability to draw any celestial being, for her to conceive. Thus Pandavas together with Karna was born.
This mantra was highly effective and timeless.

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