Methods for Newbies on How to Drive In order to Their Sites


I was really excited to create my new blogs with technology-related content. A lot of plans are hovering in my mind. I am thinking that I might use the former blog name which is still on Also, it was updated 2 months ago. Get the cheapest cost option as domain name suggestions give unique name ideas for the best SEO e-commerce website. I will buy a new domain but thinking about which domain name should I use and what will be my first post.


So, Choice to take a rest for a while and obtain some sleep, but then We couldn’t, I just lay down in the bed and kept on considering! Thinking of making a blog post regarding our little blogger meet-up with Avel and some other Davao Bloggers at Kangaroo just a while ago. After that suddenly an idea popped in my head and that idea is! hehehe! I think you are wondering why I’m talking about making a technical blog when my subject says otherwise. Well, I would like to share with you how performed I come up with this publication, hehehe! Well, enough regarding my so-called introduction, why don’t proceed with the tips today.

Tip No . 1: Develop a Sitemap.

What is a Sitemap? Exactly why would I add one particular? Here are the benefits of having a Sitemap. Having a Sitemap is important in case you are site is still new, it can help your site to be visible to find engines. So, How and Where am I able to submit a Sitemap? Head to Google’s Webmaster Tools and also follow the steps on the web page link I’ve provided.


Tip Number 2: Register or Bring your blogs to Websites with high PageRank.

There are lots of no cost directories around where you can get started adding your blog. Therefore, why would I bring my blog site to those websites? If you want your site to be spidered by search engines in less than 1 day you have to have your site linked to internet websites with a PR of a few or higher. If one PUBLIC REALTIONS 5 site is linked to you actually, your site will be indexed in a lot less than 3 days. If an internet site with high PR links to your website your chance of having a PUBLIC REALTIONS too is at a high charge (correct me if Now I am wrong, hehe). So, in the event you haven’t added your personal blogs to directories yet, get started adding your blogsites to the people free directories with high Pr juice.


Tip No . 3: Put your posts on Social Bookmarking Internet sites.

There are lots of Social Bookmarking Sites to pick from, famous ones are Stumbleupon, Stumbleupon, Delicious and so on Why add my website to Social Bookmarking sites? Properly, Social Bookmarking sites are one way to get backlinks to your site and the more content you add, the better the chance of getting visible to search search engines. It’s free and one can readily register an account there. Get started adding your posts to those Submitting of social bookmarks sites now.


Tip Number 4: Socialize.

Again there are lots of Social Networking sites online, Facebook in addition to Friendster is just among the well-known ones, you can invite your buddies there to visit your blog or any other of your posts. No one will realize your blog exists if you let the world know it. You can also aim to join microblogging websites like Twitter and Plurk. Try to join communities and also forums and interact with many other bloggers in the same specific niche market as your blog. When I was still new to blogging I became a member of Bisdakplanet. net, an online neighbourhood for Bisaya (a vocabulary mostly used by people coming from Visayas and Mindanao) all over the world. I’ve met a lot of close friends there who later on grew to be my regular visitors. You will also find one thing that I liked concerning them is that whenever you can find new registered members, they will always make a post, introduction and welcome everyone locally and of course, there’s a link to your site too. If persons would visit your blog then made a comment, be form enough to drop by the website too. That way, you’re generating a connection with them and who really knows, one day they will feature you actually on their site or possibly be one of your avid readers. Join Blogging meet-ups as well as whatever blogging activity as well as parties there is in your area. You do not just gain friends, you may as well learn from each other’s thoughts and blogging experiences.


Word of advice No . 5: Drop or perhaps Advertise your Site on Entrecard.

When I was new to the blog, Dropping Entrecards helped me push traffic to my lonely website. If you drop on additional blog sites that have an Entrecard, they will also visit your blog and also drop back. Well, Entrecard did not just help me push traffic to my site, I got able to gain a few online friends who became our regular visitors too. I additionally get to learn some tips from their website which I, later on, applied on our blog. Advertising in EC through your Entrecredits (credits an individual earned by dropping EC on other blogs) can be useful for me but just for quite some time, later on, people don’t brain clicking on your banner, these folks were just after the Drop option. Hence, you can still test though, maybe what decided not to work for me might work efficiently with you. By the way, you can join Entrcard’s CashOut course where you can exchange your Entrecredits for Cash, 1, 000 entire credits equal to $1. 00. I have been saving my very own credits while waiting for my very own account to be approved for the CashOut program and I am so happy that I my very own account was approved! Therefore, if you have ECs, save your ‘tokens’ too. I already have 10k credits waiting to be cashed out. It’s fun, you just aren’t just driving traffic to your website, you can also earn from giving up ECs.


Tip No . 6th: Write a Good and Content.

If people like you, some of them would add and also share your post to be able to social bookmarking sites, re-tweet or perhaps re-Plurk your post, and several would re-post or characteristic it to their blogs using a link back to your site. Then, targeted traffic would follow! Isn’t that will great?


Well, I hope you discover something from a newbie doodlekit too I still consider myself personally a newbie here, I actually still have a LOT to learn and also hopefully share with other folks what I have experienced!

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