Mahabharata (Bengali) – 3 – Karma in Hinduism and story begins

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Mahabharata offers quite a bit with Karma. The speculation is defined right here. With that, the story begins.

Mahabharata is the biggest epic of the world, composed by Vyasa in 100 thousand verses. It’s encyclopaedic in nature, containing the historic, social, cultural, ethical, non secular and non secular file of the then India. It incorporates each type of literature obtainable in India: itihasa, puranas, akhyana, kavya, Dharmashastra, artha shastra, Niti shastra, and moksha shastra and many others. Rightly it has been mentioned — Yad iha asti tad anyatra, yad nehasti na tat kva chit, in issues of dharma, artha, kama, and moksha , no matter is right here, may be seen elsewhere; what just isn’t right here, doesn’t exist anyplace else.
It’s basically a piece of synthesis wherein completely different religions, philosophies, habits, ideas, codes, and every thing that one can consider has been woven right into a symphony. What Ramayana did for Hindu non secular emotions, Mahabharata did the identical for the moral and ethical elements of the Hindu persona.
The basic educating of Mahabharata is that human weaknesses will likely be there, however one has to outgrow them or else perish. Right here, the dialogue on dharma (righteousness, obligation, morality) is in its entirety. Every so often the work returns to this difficulty.
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