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Maha Lakshmi Aarti – Om Jai Lakshmi Mata | with lyrics


Probably the most well-known Ma Lakshmi Aarti
लक्ष्मी माता आरती |
Glad Diwali!!

LYRICS (English):

om jai laxmi mata, maiyya jai laxmi mata
tumko nis din sevat, tumko nis din sevat
har vishnu vidhata
om jai lakshmi mata ||

durga roop niranjani, sukh sampatti information,
maiyya sukh sampatti information
jo koyi tumko dhyata, riddhi siddhi pata
om jai laxmi mata ||

tum patal nivasini, tum hello shubh information
maiyya tum hello shubh daata
karma prabhava prakashini, karma prabhava prakashini
bhava nidhi ki traata
om jai laxmi mata ||

jis ghar mein tum rehti, sab sadguna aata
maiyya sab unhappy guna aata,
sab sambhava ho jata, sab sambhava ho jata
man nahin ghabrata
om jai laxmi mata ||

tum bin yagya na hote, vastra na koi pata
maiya vastra na koi pata
khan pan ka vaibhava, khan pan ka vaibhava
sab tumse aata
om jai laxmi mata ||

shubh guna mandir sundar, kshirodadhi jata
maiyya kshirodadhi jata
ratna chaturdash tum bin, ratna chaturdash tum bin
koi nahin pata
om jai laxmi mata ||

mahalaxmi ji ki aarti, jo koi nar gata
maiyya jo koi nar gata
ura anand samata, ura anand samata
paap utar jata
om jai laxmi mata ||

om jai laxmi mata, maiyya jai laxmi mata
tumko nis din sevat, tumko nis din sevat
har vishnu vidhata
om jai lakshmi mata ||

LYRICS (Hindi):

ॐ जय लक्ष्मी माता, मैया जय लक्ष्मी माता ।
तुम को निस दिन सेवत, तुम को निस दिन सेवत
हर विष्णु विधाता ॥
ॐ जय लक्ष्मी माता ॥

… full lyrics

Monitor: Lakshmi Aarti (Jai Laxmi Mata)
Artist: Soma Singh
Album: Aarti

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Remainder of the world:

Diwali 2018 date: Wednesday, 07 November
Diwali 2014 date: Sunday 27 October

Akshay Tritiya 2018 date: Wednesday, 18 April
Akshay Tritiya 2019 date: Tuesday, 07 Could

Aarti, additionally referred to as araatrika or niraajana, is the final ritual of a puja or havan. It’s the follow throughout which one expresses ones devotion for the deity and is transported to a state of bliss. An aarti can also be a puja in itself. Every aarti is restricted to a God or Goddess and extols the virtues of that exact deity. Lastly, an aarti is a prayer for forgiveness. By singing the aarti on the finish one is asking the God being worshipped, to forgive acts of fee in the course of the puja or havan.

An aarti is historically completed by inserting on a plate, a lighted earthen or steel lamp, stuffed with ghee (liquefied butter), together with flowers and raw rice. Whereas different devotees sing the aarti, one particular person strikes this adorned plate in a clockwise path in entrance of the idol. This follow, it’s believed, transfers the blessings from the deity into the lamp. On the finish of the aarti, the devotees cup their fingers round this flame and put their fingers to their foreheads, thus symbolizing that the blessings have now been acquired by them.

Aartis are usually completed twice a day at dawn and sundown. There are two causes for this follow. First is the Vedic idea of sandhya, which suggests the becoming a member of level of two totally different instances of the day. Daybreak is when evening joins day, and nightfall, when day joins evening. It’s mentioned that these are the 2 finest instances to supply prayers, and therefore additionally the very best time to do aarti. The second cause is the assumption that it’s at dawn and sundown when evil forces are at their biggest power. Doing an aarti right now protects one from these malevolent forces.

This album accommodates a group of aartis some well-liked and a few uncommon. By listening to those aartis, people who find themselves not acquainted with Vedic chanting or rituals can nonetheless expertise the Divine grace.



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