The traditional temple city of Madurai in southern India
Boasts a 2500-year-old historical past of spirituality.
Historians hint Madurai’s existence again to the third century BC,
Making it one of many oldest constantly inhabited cities of the world.
Legend says that Madurai was established by the Cosmic Mom herself, who incarnated as Princess Meenakshi,
Daughter of the pious king Malayadhwaja Pandian.
#An ready queen and a fearless warrior,
Meenakshi expanded her empire proper as much as Kailash in present China.
However when she got here face-to-face with the Lord of Kaliash, Shiva himself, she acknowledged Him as her everlasting consort
and dropped her arms to turn out to be Shiva’s companion for all times.
Together with Shiva, also called Sundareshwara or the ‘lovely lord’,
Meenakshi reigned over her kingdom for a wonderful 166 years.
In course of time,
With the rise of Jainism as a spiritual pressure,
Madurai too fell to its highly effective affect
and Saivism all however vanished from the sacred kingdom
The place Shiva Himself had as soon as walked the earth.
The renaissance of Saivism in Madurai
was the sacred activity of a child-incarnation, Tirujnana Sambandar,
One of many 4 visionary saints of Saiva Siddhartha custom..
The story goes that as a child, Tirujnana Sambandar
Was as soon as nourished by the milk of enlightenment
From the Cosmic Mom herself.
This youngster prodigy arrived in Madurai
to effortlessly defeat the realized Jain monks
together with his knowledge, therapeutic powers and non secular prowess
and restored Madurai to her beloved faith, Shaivism
by reviving the traditional Madurai Aadheenam
and the Meenakshi Temple, which had fallen to desolate wreck.
Madurai Aadheenam is in the present day
the world’s oldest residing Hindu group
with a recorded historical past alone
spanning a wonderful 1500 years
and an unbroken lineage of illustrious pontiffs
to this very day.

Over the centuries,
Madurai Aadheenam has been patronized
By the likes of Tippu Sultan Robert Clive and poet saint Vallalar.

The pontiff of the Madurai Aadheenam
Is thought by the title ‘Guru Maha Sannidhanam’
and inherits the duty
of carrying ahead the traditions
of Tirujnana Sambandar’s sacred work.
In 27th April, 2012, a brand new period started within the historical past of Madurai Aadheenam.
The 292nd pontiff
Sri La Sri Arunagirinatha Gnanasambanda Desika Paramacharya Swamigal, guided by instinct and inducement by lord shiva,
coroneted a charismatic younger saint
because the 293rd pontiff of the Madurai Aadheenam.

An achieved yogi, a practical social visionary
and an adept in mystical sciences
His Holiness Paramahamsa Nithyananda,
is revered as a divine incarnation by thousands and thousands worldwide.
Inside weeks of his ascent to the sacred throne
he caused sweeping modifications within the Aadheenam,
together with the renovation of the traditional monastery,
Annadhan – free meals – for 1000’s each day,
free medical camps, yoga lessons,
scripture examine, non secular therapeutic and meditation applications.
The standard Aadheenam now has a web site,
and 1000’s take part
within the morning worship and non secular talks
through live-streaming and 2-way video conferencing.
Huge properties belonging to the Aadheenam
are being reclaimed from unlawful encroachment,
its quite a few temples are being restored to sanctity,
and the neighboring villages are being adopted,
with fundamental facilities, schooling and medical care
being supplied for all.

His Holiness goals of an genuine Vedic renaissance
for which India has already waited too lengthy.
* Quote from Swami:
‘Madurai Aadheenam will likely be
a mannequin socio-spiritual group
which can present the best way
for India’s final flowering,’
With a model new pontiff at its helm
Madurai Aadheenam guarantees to be
extra than simply one other conventional monastery.
As a complete technology
turns to spirituality for solutions,
the modifications at Madurai Aadheenam
mirror the altering position
of non secular organizations in the present day,
as energy facilities and guiding forces,
forging the enlightened Authorities
of the brand new world.

Paramashivoham: 22-day Final Religious Journey with the Avatar HDH Nithyananda Paramashivam
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