Lord Shiva Kshama Prarthana (prayer for forgiveness) – with English lyrics


Prayer for forgiveness to Lord Shiva in his Mrityunjaya type

mrityunjaya mahaarudra traahi maam sharaNaagatam |
janma mrityujaraarogaih peeditam karma bandhanaih ||1||

mantreNaakshar heenena pushpeNa viphalena cha |
poojito-si mahaadeva tatsarvam kshamyataam mama ||2||

karacharaNa kritam vaakkaayajam karmajam vaa |
shravananayamjam vaa maanasam vaaparaadham ||3||

vihitamavihitam vaa sarvametatakshamasva |
jaya jaya karuNaabdhe shree mahaadeva shambho ||4||

|| om mrityunjayaaya tatsat namama om ||

Observe: Kshama Praarthana
Artists: Mallika Bannerjee & Jitender Singh
Music: Pt. Bhajan Sopori
Album: Mahamrityunjaya


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In response to a fable within the Purans, the Gods and the Demons churned the oceans to get the elixir which might make all of them immortal. Nonetheless, the very first thing that got here up from the ocean was halahal, a poison which might have destroyed all the pieces.

Not understanding what to do with this poison, the Gods requested Lord Shiva to drink this, as solely He was succesful. Lord Shiva in his Mrityunjaya type agreed, and whereas ingesting this poison saved it in his throat eternally. It’s thus that He got here to be generally known as Neelkantha Mahadeva.

In at present’s day and age it will not be potential to get a realized pundit who will do the puja, havan and jaap of Mahamrityunjaya. With this in thoughts, Isha Music’s Mahamrityunjaya album has been designed like a puja. The album begins with the mangalacharan, adopted by the invocation of the Lord Mahamrityunjaya. Subsequent is a hymn in His reward adopted by the chanting of the Mahamrityunjaya mantra 108 instances. This mantra, when chanted or heard with religion and dedication has the ability to rid man of all his previous sins. Thus we are able to rid ourselves of issues similar to illness, distress, lack of progeny and ill-fortune. Even premature demise may be overcome by the chanting of this mantra. The album ends with a prayer of forgiveness and eventually an aarti extolling the virtues of Lord Mahamrityunjaya.