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Lord Ram and Lord Krishna are identical god-lord vishnu avatars


When Lord Hanuman visits lord krishna and balram at dwarka,india- dwelling of lord krishna to show balram a lesson. Afer fulfilling his mission assigned by lord krishna himself he asks a favour from the lord to indicate him his lord rama avatar.
Since hanuman is taken into account the strongest being blessed with eternity he may see lord vishnu residing in lord krishna and therefore requested to see his lord rama who he had not seen since centuries.

On his want lord krishna converts to rama, balrama converts to laxman, rukmani converts to sita.
Therefore proving lord krishna and lord rama are identical.

Some necessary information about hinduism:
Lord vishnu is taken into account the almighty together with lord shiva and lord brahma forming the trinity of the hindu gods.

Lord brahma is the creator who created the universe.
Lord shiva is the destroyer with out which no recreation is feasible.
Lord Vishnu additionally refered as narayana is taken into account the best amongst gods:the preserver of universe.
He takes avatars (incarnations) to avoid wasting humankind from pure disasters or tyranny.

Most well-known avators are rama(ramayana) and krishna (mahabharata)

Goddess lakshi ia the consort of vishnu and has appeared because the spouse of every of vishnu’s incarnations ,together with sita(ramayana) and rukmani (spouse of lord krishna)


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