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Lord of Kali Mata The connection between Mom Kali and Lord Shiva


Lord of Kali Mata The connection between Mom Kali and Lord Shiva | Goddess Kali stand on Lord Shiva | lord of kali mata Goddess kali Photographs & Pictures | Kali Mata Aarti In Hindi

In line with Yogini Tańtra, Devī Pārvatī assumed this manner to slay a demon known as Ghorāsura. Seeing this fierce kind, Lord Śiva requested Devī to enlighten Him by inserting Her foot on His chest. Devī uttered a loud laughter (throughout which Her tongue caught out) and positioned Her foot on Mahādeva’s chest.On this type of Devī, Mahādeva witnessed tens of millions of universes, fifty alphabets of Sanskrit (that characterize Śabda Brahaman) and the essence of all Vedic & Agamic Śāstras. To His amazement, Lord Śiva additionally witnessed tens of millions of Brahmās, Vişņus and Śivas like Himself. Eventually, Devī Herself proclaimed “There is no such thing as a type of Supreme Brahman larger than Kālī, for Kālī Herself is Parabrahman.”In actuality, the “kind” of Kālī is just not a kind in any respect; it’s transcendental to all varieties and the three Gunas of Prakriti (Satva, Rajas and Tamas); for Kālī is embodiment of Absolute Reality. Kālī is Nirguņa Parabrahman even in Her embodied kind.Kālī is formidable, has flowing hair and 4 arms; She holds a sword & a severed head with Her left fingers and shows Varadā & Abhaya Mudrās with Her proper fingers. She transcends Māyā, and thus She is nude. She Avyakta, Nirguņa and incomprehensible; thus She is of pitch black complexion. The She wears fifty alphabets of Sanskřt within the type of a garland of severed heads and at Her toes lies Mahādeva within the type of a corpse.The premise of this assumption is a misogynist/patriarchal folklore, in line with which after having drunk Raktabīja’s blood in a battlefield, Devī determined to destroy the universe in Her rage. To calm Her down, Mahādeva lied down below Her toes, and realising that She had stepped upon Her husband, Devī caught Her tongue out in disgrace/remorse. Nonetheless, no such story has been ever documented in any Purāņa or Tańtra. It’s purely a piece of fiction, engineered by patriarchal cults to cow down the Goddess and Her female cult.

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