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Lord Murugan: Thrilling details about Lord Karthigeya – Energy of Muruga


Lord Murugan: Thrilling details about Lord Karthigeya – Energy of Muruga

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Lord Muruga is the son of the Supreme God Lord Shiva and his consort Goddess Parvati. He’s the commander & chief of the military of Devas. Lord Muruga is thought by completely different names like Subramanyam, Skandan, karthikeyan and Kumaran. He’s the preferred Hindu gods among the many folks of Tamil Nadu.

Lord Muruga can also be the God of religious knowledge and symbolizes Magnificence. His automobile is a peacock and He holds A Vel (spear) which signifies energy of knowledge in his hand, gifted by his mom Goddess Parvati. Rooster in his emblem shows the destruction of ego. The sacred textual content Skanda Purana describes the divine Delivery of Lord Muruga.

As soon as the demon brothers Soorapadman, Paragon and Singamugan tortured the Devas. Unable to bear the tortures, Devas pleaded to Lord Shiva to rescue them. The Supreme God opened his third eye leading to fireplace sparks, the six sparks landed on six lotus leaves within the lake saravana poigai turned six divine child boys. They have been nurtured by six Karthigai women. When Goddess Parvati cuddled the children they merged within the single being as Lord Muruga with six heads who was assigned the duty of destroying the demons.

In the course of the battle, He killed demon Paragon and Singamugan. In the course of the last battle with Soorapadman, the demon king became a mango tree Muruga by the spear aiming the tree and he divided into two halves one half reworked right into a Peacock, his automobile and the opposite became a Rooster in his flag as an emblem.

Lord Muruga the good-looking and delightful God is married the Valli and Devayani. Valli is the daughter of Nambirajan, king of mountain tribe neighborhood. Devayani is the daughter of Lord Indra the king of heaven and devas, the celestial beings.



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