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The Krishna’s Butter Ball or Vaanirai Kal, as it’s identified to locals, sits on a 45-degree slope in south India

In 1908 Governor of Madras Arthur Lawley is alleged to have used seven elephants to maneuver it with out having any luck
Some imagine that it was put in place by the gods, others by aliens – and geologists argue it is a pure formation

We’re at Mahabalipuram in India, and let’s check out this mysterious big rock known as Krishna’s butter ball. The specialty of this rock, is that it stands on an especially small base, lower than 2 sq. toes space on a slippery hill. It’s a miracle that it is ready to stand like that. Simply think about what would occur in the event you place a ball on a slope. It will roll down instantly, however this rock has been in place for at the very least 1200 years civilization dwaraka chennai vedic hinduism


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