Lodge Furniture – How to Look after Your Furniture


Of course, running a hotel is not that simple. Considering the things you have to oversee along with supervising, and all the work which should be done, caring for the hotel furniture suppliers may be the last thing on your mind. Nonetheless, it should not be. Since these are typically valuable investments that you help make, you must be able to take utmost care of them to ensure they last a long time in your lodge, serving you and your customers.

Here are some helpful tips and methods for caring for different kinds of furniture.

Solid wood is one of the most common materials utilized to construct furniture. Elegant as well as heavy-duty at the same time, it is no wonder why many resort owners prefer wooden home furniture. To care for this home furniture, you should:

  • Clean wooden home furniture regularly by dusting the area several days a week and having a clean, lint-free cloth to avoid dirt build-up.
  • Never reveal this furniture to sunlight, for this can dry up the wood and cause the color to fade.
  • Avoid very moist or dry airflow to prevent drying or bending.
  • Never place furniture close to air vents.
  • They clean the surface area yearly using a clean, smooth cloth dipped in mild cleaning soap. Rinse with a damp towel and dry with a soft, lint-free cloth afterward.
  • Usually, put coasters under eyeglasses and protective plates below flower bases to prevent drinking water marks on the surface of the home furniture.
furniture for hotels
The Ibiza Twins Hotel, Ibiza, furnished by Beltá Frajumar


Aside from wood, other decorating surfaces and decorative components may be made of metals, leather-based, marble, wicker, and many others.

Proper maintenance involves regular dusting and periodic wiping using a soft humid cloth for metals such as aluminum and chromium. Remember never to employ abrasives as well as intense dramas and detergents that may have alkali, which can cause the pitting of aluminum.

Meanwhile, copper-bronze ornaments and fixtures that happen to be commonly lacquered should never be overloaded in hot water or always be polished. Instead, they should be rinsed and rinsed with heated water and dried off thoroughly afterward.

Leather can also be a common material used for upholstery along with furnishing surfaces. Use buckskin conditioner to keep furniture looking positive as new. You can also freshen it by wiping it with a comfortable damp cloth dipped in gentle soap. Rinse with heated water and dry extensively after.

As for marble furniture for hotels, waxing is not recommended. Alternatively, please use unique protective sealers that marble companies help make to protect the table and preserve its beauty and luster. Clean it routinely by washing it with fresh clothes and normal lukewarm water. Use a mild detergent merely twice a year to remove soil buildup.

Beltá Frajumar
Casa Baqueira, Lleida


Beltá Frajumar, made of straw plaid, should be cleaned with a cleaner with a brush attached. Intended for severe dirt build-up, clean up with mild soap and lukewarm water. Just be cautious not to let water enter the wooden parts of typically the furniture. Dry the surface by applying clean, dry cloths.

In addition to proper and regular cleanup, it is also necessary that you can evaluate the furniture regularly for almost any signs of damage. Immediate steps are needed to prevent them from getting worse. In-house products may give instant solutions to trivial damages such as stains and spills, but those with critical ones like dents and worn-out materials should promptly be brought to a mechanic shop.

Caring for the furniture is a vital part of a hotel enterprise. While some clients are sketched toward a hotel’s superb service or exquisite food, some return due to comfortable amenities and furnishings that make their stay rewarding and enjoyable. With this claim, it’s only fitting that you will be able to take proper care and remedying of these valuable pieces of hotel room furniture.

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