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One of many cradles of early civilisations, India has a protracted and superb historical past. A number of nice kings and dynasties have left an indelible mark, bringing nice modifications, growth and development. A few of them have even unfold their empires to neighbouring nations and in addition established commerce with nations as far reaching as European nations, Arab nations, and Chinese language territories.

From the late Bronze Age to the Revolt of 1857 and India’s Wrestle for Freedom, this compilation provides you a uncommon glimpse into historical past. Watch them come alive!

The Tamil Dynasty of the Pandyas, who dominated first from Korkai close to current day Tuticorin, earlier than shifting to Madurai, from as early as 600 BC BC had a thriving transport and buying and selling with Greece and Rome to the Greek and Persian invasions from land and sea. To the large Chola Empire that unfold to the neighbouring nations of South East Asia, The Mauryas in Northern India who conquered most of India besides the Tamilians and had nice Kings like Chandragupta Maurya and Asoka the Nice, The Chera Dynasty from the South, Harshavardhana, The Pallavas, The Rajputs from the Central and North Western India, the Mughals, Sivaji Maharaj and the Marathas, Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan of Mysore and Rani of Jhansi , Laxmibai.

00:01 Pandya Dynasty – Indian Historical past | Mocomi Youngsters
01:39 Persian and Greek Invaders | Mocomi Youngsters
03:12 Chola Empire Historical past | Mocomi Youngsters
07:17 Mauryans – Maurya Dynasty Historical past | Mocomi Youngsters
09:54 Ashoka the Nice – Kings of India | Mocomi Youngsters
12:51 Chera Dynasty – Kingdoms of South India | Mocomi Youngsters
15:01 Pallavas – Pallava Dynasty Historical past | Mocomi Youngsters
18:43 Harshavardhana – Kings of India | Mocomi Youngsters
21:14 Rajput Warriors – Son of King – Historical past India | Mocomi Youngsters
24:10 Early Mughals in India | Mocomi Youngsters
28:42 Akbar the Nice Mughal Emperor – Historical past India | Mocomi Youngsters
32:18 Aurangzeb – Mughal Emperor – Historical past India | Mocomi Youngsters
37:08 Shivaji Maharaj – Kings of India | Mocomi Youngsters
41:11 Hyder Ali – Kings of India | Mocomi Youngsters
44:15 Tipu Sultan – Kings of India | Mocomi Youngsters
47:11 Jhansi Ki Rani Laxmibai and Her Story | Mocomi Youngsters

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