Journey Into Buddhism: Prajna Earth


From PBS – Prajna is the Sanskrit phrase for radiant knowledge, and yatra is the phrase for pilgrimage or religious journey. This visually beautiful second documentary is a cinematic pilgrimage exploring the misplaced civilization of Angkor in Cambodia, together with the biggest temple on the planet – the magnificent Angkor Wat. The journey continues to sacred websites of the pure world, touring via Hindu Bali, witnessing trance dancers within the jungles of Java, and discovering the large seven stage mandala marvel of Buddhist Borobudur. Prajna Earth visits religious intersections the place Buddhist and Hindu knowledge traditions merged with the animist worship of nature, revealing a profound understanding of sacred nature present each within the surroundings and inside all residing beings. Journey into the residing traditions and misplaced civilizations of this vibrant a part of the world and discover the common beliefs of knowledge, compassion and internal peace on the very coronary heart of those historical Buddhist cultures. Narrated by Sharon Stone.


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