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The Storytellers: Ek Ajnabi Humsafar – Ajay Devgan
These footage are a Results of an Archaeological excavation which have been carried out proving that Allah of the Quran is a Moon God.

The moon-god was referred to as al-ilah, the god, which was shortened to Allah in pre-Islamic occasions. The pagan Arabs even used Allah within the names they gave to their kids. For instance, each Muhammad’s father and uncle has Allah as a part of their names. The truth that they got such names by their dad and mom proves that Allah was the title for the moon-god even in Muhammad’s day. Professor Coon says, “Equally, underneath Muhammad’s tutelage, the comparatively nameless Ilah, grew to become Al-Ilah, The God, of Allah, the Supreme Being” (Ibid.).

This reality solutions the questions: “Why is Allah by no means outlined within the Quran?” and “Why did Muhammad assume that the pagan Arabs already knew who Allah was?”

Muhammad was raised within the faith of the moon-god Allah. However he went one step additional than his fellow pagan Arabs. Whereas they believed that Allah the moon-god was the best of all gods and the supreme deity within the pantheon of deities,Muhammad determined that Allah was not solely the best god however the one God.
In impact he mentioned, “Look, you already imagine that the moon-god Allah is the best of all gods. All I would like you to do is settle for the concept that he’s the one god. I’m not taking away the Allah you already worship. I’m solely taking away his spouse and his daughters and all the opposite gods.”

That is seen from the truth that the primary level of the Muslim creed isn’t “Allah is nice” however “Allah is the best” – he’s the best among the many gods. Why would Muhammad say that Allah is the best besides in a polytheistic (many gods) context? The Arabic phrase is used to distinction the larger from the lesser.

That that is true is seen from the truth that the pagan Arabs by no means accused Muhammad of preaching a special Allah than the one they already worshipped. Thus “Allah” was the moon-god in keeping with the archaeological proof.
Muhammad thus tried to have it each methods. To the pagans, he mentioned that he nonetheless believed within the moon-god Allah. To the Jews and the Christians he mentioned that Allah was their God, too.

Over time Muslims Students have tried to disclose a special tales relating to the Moon God. Nevertheless, educated Muslims are nicely conscious of those information.


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