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Introduction to Symbolism in Hindu Gods, Iconography, Shlokas and Tales


Why do Gods have a number of fingers? Why do Gods carry violent weapons? There are various questions which come up after we comply with Hinduism.
This can be a peek into what symbolism means in hindu mythology and Iconography. This collection of movies will enable you to perceive the precise meanings of those kinds and phrases. I intend that will help you transcend the apparent, to grasp this type of data switch utilized by our historical civilization.
eg: After I have a look at a kitten, what I really feel is totally different from once I have a look at a charging lion. After we use the phrase ” like” it evokes a distinct emotion than after we use the phrase “love”. . People reply to totally different pictures and phrases otherwise and Symbolism is the utilization of all visuals and sounds to convey delicate info overlaid on the gross or apparent topic. Whereas easier info is definitely conveyed by gross means, symbolism maintain the extra vital info for the curious thoughts to unlock.
Come be part of me if you’re curious to grasp this delicate info. I’ll slowly unravel it for you in varied movies. Subscribe and press the bell icon to be notified at any time when new movies are uploaded. Do handle your querries on the feedback field. I can be completely satisfied to interact in dialogue with you or reply your doubts.


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